The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly

24 Life Lessons From a 24 Year Old

I recently turned 24. This is kind of a scary thought. You always think to yourself, "I can't wait till I'm this old (insert age)…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Jul 06, 2014

Macklemore Designs Ugliest Jordans Ever?

Before performing at the Jordan Brand Classic at Barclays Center, Macklemore debuted some new shoes that are the result of his collaboration with Nike's Jordan…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Apr 26, 2014

Life Blog: Expectations Vs. Reality

This weekend I had a total 500 Days of Summer moment. You know when Tom goes to Summer's party and he expects that they are…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Apr 06, 2014
Lion King on a Plane?vid

Lion King on a Plane?

Probably the best flight anoyone could have been on, the Broadway cast of the Lion King decided to give a flash mob type performance while…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Apr 02, 2014
My March 2014 Favorites!vid

My March 2014 Favorites!

Hey there!  These are just a few of my favorite things from the month of March! Enjoy! And let me know what some of your favorites…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 30, 2014

Hot or Not? Olsen Twins Rocking Socks with Sandals

Tourists, old guys, and I'm sure a couple of your family members rock the socks and sandals look. I can't help but cringe when I…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 27, 2014

My Spring To-Do List

Spring has sprung! I'm so excited that it is finally spring! There is something about this time of year that I absolutely love. The flowers…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 22, 2014

5 Things To Try This Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone!  I feel like every weekend I do the same things...sleep,shop, eat, and then sleep some more. I always have a long list of…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 15, 2014

What Is The Disney Girls Project?

Laforet Harajuku is on a mission to spread some girl power! The popular shopping district in Japan will be hosting a massave Disney event called…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 01, 2014

The Crazy Cat Lady Diaries

One of the great things about being single and dating is all the crazy and hilarious stories you'll have to tell your grandchildren one day…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Feb 27, 2014

Single Ladies, Think Positive This Valentines Day!

Oh Valentines Day...le sigh...the one day of the year where everyone is overly in love with their significant other, while I'm sitting alone on my…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Feb 13, 2014

Is a Full House Reunion In The Works?

Can you believe it's been almost 20 years since Full House went off the air? I was obsessed with this show as a kid and…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Feb 01, 2014
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Hello! I'm Jenny Lynn and it's very nice to meet you! I live in the beautiful state of California, and I have a cat named Angel. I'm a concert goer. Sushi eater. Disneyland lover. Hardcore shopper. Reality show watcher. Book reader. Coffee drinker. A total fangirl. And I'm obsessed with musicals.

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