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Weird Purses You Must Have!

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Aug 31, 2014

I'm obsessed with purses. It's getting to be quite a problem. I could easily spend hundreds on a purse, but won't spend over $40 on a sweater. On my hunt for different purses I've found quite a few that I need to add to my collection. I love how different these are, and are also perfect conversation starters. Here are some of my favorites!

Betsey Johnson's Ice Cream Bag (I've actually purchased this one, I'm in love)


Betsey Johnson's Apple Pie Purse 


Judith Leiber's Beehive Clutch (all of her clutches are AMAZING)  


Fortune Cookie Coin Purses 


 Kate Spade Purses (She always has such creative bags!)


Kate Spade's book clutches are also SO adorable! They inspired me to try and DIY my own...lets just say I'm

still working on it...  


Do you love these totally cute bags?

Goodbye Candlestick, Hello Paul McCartney

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Aug 16, 2014

Last night was one of the more epic nights of my life. Paul McCartney gave the last public show at Candlestick Park, home to the 49ers. Next year the stadium will be torn down and most likely be made into appartments or office buildings. It's only fitting that McCartney played the last show there, becuase Candlestick Park was the last venue The Beatles ever played together back in 1966. 

The show was amazing. McCartney is very charming and talked to the audience many times about his memories at Candlestick, and explained the stories behind some of the songs he wrote. Hearing Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Let It Be live were just some of the highlights for me. I've always been pretty bummed that I could never see The Beatles play live, so this was the closest concert to it. 

Besides the horrible parking nightmare, (we spent close to 2 hours trying to get in and out of the parking lot that night, but thats another story) was an epic night that will go down in history. 

Here is a picture of The Beatles playing their last show in Candlestick on August 29, 1966. Isn't it amazing how simple the set is compared to now? 

A few pics from the other night...

Goodbye Candlestick!

What epic concerts have you been to?

On The Run Tour...Best Concert Ever?

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Aug 08, 2014

Every once and a while you go to a concert that totally blows your mind, and on Wednesday night my mind was blown. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the On The Run Tour featuring music royality, Beyonce and Jay Z. I went to the last stop on the North American leg of the tour to a sold out AT&T park where the SF Giants play. 

When they took the stage I freaked out like a little kid finding out they are going to Disneyland (well, I still freak out when I go to Disneyland, but I digress). It's pretty crazy knowing you're in the same place as one of the most famous couples in the world.

They took turns singing their own songs, and then sang some together. There was a lot of time where they were off stage while the audience watched images of the power couple "on the run" robbing banks and flinging around guns like its no big deal. I've read reviews of the show where people think the off stage time was too long, but I disagree. I was actually entertained by the images, and I needed that in between time to catch my breath from dancing so hard. 

The 40+ song set list included all the favorites like Crazy in Love, 99 problems, and of course Single Ladies. One criticism would be that they didn't play the full song of many of their most famous tunes, but to fit in over 40 songs in about 2 and a half hours, I suppose some had to get cut short. 

Both Jay Z and Beyonce sounded amazing. Beyonce's body and dance moves were swoon worthy. I felt out of breath just watching her. I have to say, she really is flawless. 

The concert ended with them singing a mash up of "Forever Young" and "Halo" with images of their daughter, Blue Ivy, on the large screens...not gonna lie, it brought a little tear to my eye. I honestly hope theres not trouble in paradise because they are a beautiful family. 

Overall it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. The set list was great, costumes were dazzling (and barly there at times), and The Carters killed it. Can I just be adopted into their family?

Here's a picture of my friends and I at the concert. We made our own sweaters...Don't Worry, Be Yonce ;)

Did you go to the On The Run Tour?

24 Life Lessons From a 24 Year Old

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Jul 06, 2014

I recently turned 24. This is kind of a scary thought. You always think to yourself, "I can't wait till I'm this old (insert age) and then I can do this, this, and this (insert things you've always wanted to do)"...and now I am that old and wondering where the time went.

Here are 24 things I've learned in my 24 years traveling around the sun. 

1. Not everyone is going to like you, so stop trying to please everyone

2. It's ok to splurge on yourself every once and a while

3. There is always time for coffee and/or tea

4. Quality of friends > quantity of friends

5. People are meant to come and go out of your life, don't try to hold on to everyone. 

6. Sleep and time can heal pretty much everything

7. Spend your money on making memories (ex. traveling)

8. You can never be overdressed

9.  Tell the people you love that you love them

10. Put down your phone...I know it's hard, but just do it

11. Spend as much time as you can in the sunshine

12. When bored, read a book

13. Your heart will get broken, and you will be ok

14. Always go 110% in everything you do, or else don't do it at all

15. Try to "Pay it Forward" as much as possible

16. Drink lots of water

17.  Always look through the sales rack

18. Do more things alone, its empowering

19. Travel, Travel, Travel

20. It doesn't matter what other people think of you, it only matters what you think about yourself

21. Learn to cook at least one meal really well

22. If nothing else, always brush your teeth. Everyday. Twice a day. 

23. Kill your enemies with kindness

And last but certainly not least....

24. Do more of what makes you happy

What are some life lessons you've learned?

Macklemore Designs Ugliest Jordans Ever?

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Apr 26, 2014

Before performing at the Jordan Brand Classic at Barclays Center, Macklemore debuted some new shoes that are the result of his collaboration with Nike's Jordan Brand, and fans are not impressed. 

His design which is named "Northwest King Salmon" has been getting some harsh feedback, and has even been called the ugliest Jordans EVER.

What do you think? Hot or Not?

Life Blog: Expectations Vs. Reality

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Apr 06, 2014

This weekend I had a total 500 Days of Summer moment. You know when Tom goes to Summer's party and he expects that they are going to spend the whole night talking and eventually make out and get back together? Well I know exactly how Tom feels...

On Friday a guy I used to date called me and invited me to a little get together he was having with friends. We dated about 8 months ago and slowly drifted away from each other. He wanted to date multiple girls, and I didn't want to be one of many so we stopped talking. We just wanted different things. 8 months later out of nowhere he calls me and invites me to his party. I don't know why, but I hoped that maybe it's because he misses me and wants something more serious now. I went to this party with hopeful thoughts and to see if he is worth giving a second chance. 

My Expectations: My friends and I get there, he sits and talks to me, and possibly apologizes for what happened in the past. He tells me he misses me and would like to see me more often, maybe cuddle a little or at least flirt. Then end the night with him telling me he will call me soon. 

Reality: My friends and I get there and he is very very drunk. He sits and talks to me for about 5 minutes. Everyone goes to the living room to play Cards Against Humanity and one of his "friends" sits by him. She rubs his head, back, and thigh the whole time as I sit right next to them awkwardly. As everyone is leaving I overhear him ask her if she wants to spend the night (she said no). He hugs me and thanks me for coming, and we leave. 

I gave him another chance and learned he's not worth my time or effort. And thats ok. Figuring out who you don't need in your life just opens up space for people who do see your worth and will return the effort you put in. I might have struck out this time, but at least I tried. I'm ready to move on and find someone who values me. 

What I learned is that it's great to give people second chances, it's quite possible they could have changed for the better. But don't be disapointed if they are still the same person they used to be. 

Hot or Not? Olsen Twins Rocking Socks with Sandals

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 27, 2014

Tourists, old guys, and I'm sure a couple of your family members rock the socks and sandals look. I can't help but cringe when I see someone wearing this combo! But is it cool if Mary Kate and Ashley wear it? If anyone in the world can pull this off, is it them?? 

"I saw Mary Kate and Ashley wearing socks and sandals, so I went out and bought socks and sandals" 

Hot or Not?!

My Spring To-Do List

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 22, 2014

Spring has sprung! I'm so excited that it is finally spring! There is something about this time of year that I absolutely love. The flowers, pastel colors, and warm days make my heart so happy! I also love this time of year because I start planning vacations and trips for summer. AND my birthday is in the spring time! (May 27 to be exact). 

Here are some things that I plan to do this spring...

Buy lots and lots of flowers- I absolutely love flowers of all kinds (especially sun flowers and peonies) 

Save money for summer vacations!- I will be going to Vegas, Disneyland, and LA this summer, so I have A LOT of saving to do!

Rock more braids- I think braids are so cute, but yet I can never make my "messy braid" look just looks like a mess. I'll work on me Lauren Conrad! 

Buy bold prints- I'm loving the bold print trend. I've had my eye on the Old Navy pixie pant, I need to go pick some up! 

Spend more time in the gorgeous sunshine- I'm not sure how people survive in places where it rains most of the time. I could not live without my California sunshine! I plan on having picnics, beach days, and relaxing in this beautiful weather! 

Whats on your spring to-to list?

5 Things To Try This Weekend

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 15, 2014

Happy Weekend everyone! 

I feel like every weekend I do the same things...sleep,shop, eat, and then sleep some more. I always have a long list of things I want to do, and I never get around to them. Here are some ideas of things to do this weekend if you're in a weekend rut like I am...but don't get me wrong, sleep is great and I encourage naps often! 

1. Wear something green- It is almost St. Patricks day after all! 

2. Go out and have brunch- brunch is by far my favorite meal of the day...especially when bottomless mimosas are involved ;)

3. Do something for a stranger- pay for the car behind you at a toll booth, or pay for the persons coffee behind you at Starbucks. Even holding a door open for someone could totally make their day! 

4. Dye your hair- I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now, but sleep always seems to win over doing this...but this weekend I will have a new hair color! 

5. Do something new to your room- I did this last weekend and I totally love how it came out! I printed out my favorite Instagrams from and made a heart picture collage! I love that I can look up at my wall and see some of my favorite memories! 

What are you going to do this weekend?

What Is The Disney Girls Project?

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 01, 2014

Laforet Harajuku is on a mission to spread some girl power! The popular shopping district in Japan will be hosting a massave Disney event called, "Disney Girls Project Laforet Collection". For three months this shopping area will be selling special items with Disney characters to promote women and women's fashion. I've been swooning over some of the items they will be selling...

And my favorite item has to be these Jefferey Campbell Minnie Mouse heels...if anyone is going to Japan soon please bring me back a pair...I NEED these!

Do you like the Disney items in this collection?

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