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Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Apr 06, 2014

This weekend I had a total 500 Days of Summer moment. You know when Tom goes to Summer's party and he expects that they are going to spend the whole night talking and eventually make out and get back together? Well I know exactly how Tom feels...

On Friday a guy I used to date called me and invited me to a little get together he was having with friends. We dated about 8 months ago and slowly drifted away from each other. He wanted to date multiple girls, and I didn't want to be one of many so we stopped talking. We just wanted different things. 8 months later out of nowhere he calls me and invites me to his party. I don't know why, but I hoped that maybe it's because he misses me and wants something more serious now. I went to this party with hopeful thoughts and to see if he is worth giving a second chance. 

My Expectations: My friends and I get there, he sits and talks to me, and possibly apologizes for what happened in the past. He tells me he misses me and would like to see me more often, maybe cuddle a little or at least flirt. Then end the night with him telling me he will call me soon. 

Reality: My friends and I get there and he is very very drunk. He sits and talks to me for about 5 minutes. Everyone goes to the living room to play Cards Against Humanity and one of his "friends" sits by him. She rubs his head, back, and thigh the whole time as I sit right next to them awkwardly. As everyone is leaving I overhear him ask her if she wants to spend the night (she said no). He hugs me and thanks me for coming, and we leave. 

I gave him another chance and learned he's not worth my time or effort. And thats ok. Figuring out who you don't need in your life just opens up space for people who do see your worth and will return the effort you put in. I might have struck out this time, but at least I tried. I'm ready to move on and find someone who values me. 

What I learned is that it's great to give people second chances, it's quite possible they could have changed for the better. But don't be disapointed if they are still the same person they used to be. 

Hot or Not? Olsen Twins Rocking Socks with Sandals

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 27, 2014

Tourists, old guys, and I'm sure a couple of your family members rock the socks and sandals look. I can't help but cringe when I see someone wearing this combo! But is it cool if Mary Kate and Ashley wear it? If anyone in the world can pull this off, is it them?? 

"I saw Mary Kate and Ashley wearing socks and sandals, so I went out and bought socks and sandals" 

Hot or Not?!

My Spring To-Do List

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 22, 2014

Spring has sprung! I'm so excited that it is finally spring! There is something about this time of year that I absolutely love. The flowers, pastel colors, and warm days make my heart so happy! I also love this time of year because I start planning vacations and trips for summer. AND my birthday is in the spring time! (May 27 to be exact). 

Here are some things that I plan to do this spring...

Buy lots and lots of flowers- I absolutely love flowers of all kinds (especially sun flowers and peonies) 

Save money for summer vacations!- I will be going to Vegas, Disneyland, and LA this summer, so I have A LOT of saving to do!

Rock more braids- I think braids are so cute, but yet I can never make my "messy braid" look just looks like a mess. I'll work on me Lauren Conrad! 

Buy bold prints- I'm loving the bold print trend. I've had my eye on the Old Navy pixie pant, I need to go pick some up! 

Spend more time in the gorgeous sunshine- I'm not sure how people survive in places where it rains most of the time. I could not live without my California sunshine! I plan on having picnics, beach days, and relaxing in this beautiful weather! 

Whats on your spring to-to list?

5 Things To Try This Weekend

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 15, 2014

Happy Weekend everyone! 

I feel like every weekend I do the same things...sleep,shop, eat, and then sleep some more. I always have a long list of things I want to do, and I never get around to them. Here are some ideas of things to do this weekend if you're in a weekend rut like I am...but don't get me wrong, sleep is great and I encourage naps often! 

1. Wear something green- It is almost St. Patricks day after all! 

2. Go out and have brunch- brunch is by far my favorite meal of the day...especially when bottomless mimosas are involved ;)

3. Do something for a stranger- pay for the car behind you at a toll booth, or pay for the persons coffee behind you at Starbucks. Even holding a door open for someone could totally make their day! 

4. Dye your hair- I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now, but sleep always seems to win over doing this...but this weekend I will have a new hair color! 

5. Do something new to your room- I did this last weekend and I totally love how it came out! I printed out my favorite Instagrams from and made a heart picture collage! I love that I can look up at my wall and see some of my favorite memories! 

What are you going to do this weekend?

What Is The Disney Girls Project?

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Mar 01, 2014

Laforet Harajuku is on a mission to spread some girl power! The popular shopping district in Japan will be hosting a massave Disney event called, "Disney Girls Project Laforet Collection". For three months this shopping area will be selling special items with Disney characters to promote women and women's fashion. I've been swooning over some of the items they will be selling...

And my favorite item has to be these Jefferey Campbell Minnie Mouse heels...if anyone is going to Japan soon please bring me back a pair...I NEED these!

Do you like the Disney items in this collection?

The Crazy Cat Lady Diaries

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Feb 27, 2014

One of the great things about being single and dating is all the crazy and hilarious stories you'll have to tell your grandchildren one day. I've decided to start blogging about all my single experiences because well, I have to tell someone all the stupid things I do to try and find love. I hope you find them somewhat amusing. Here is a experience from Valentines Day that I found kinda funny...but it's probably not...

On Valentines day my best friend and I went to this resturant that only sells Mac and Cheese, believe me, its the best mac and cheese you will ever have (but don't get me wrong, kraft blue box mac and cheese is also perfection). So we go to this restaurant and our waiter is kinda cute. I lean over to my best friend and say, "I'm gonna leave him me number tonight, it's Valentines day so why the hell not!" A minute later our waiter walks by the table next to us and throws something at the girl sitting at the table. It was a table of girls who couldn't be a day over 18. They were young, hip, and cool...and made me feel pretty old and not so hip and cool. Our waiter threw her a free ice cream sandwich. Did the universe hear me and not want to give me a chance with this waiter? 

The girl at the next table was so giddy. Her and all her friends giggled and batted their eyes at Mr. Waiter. I overheard the hip girl who got the free dessert saying, "oh my god! He's so sweet! But is he cute? At least I could have a good smash session with him". To make a long story short, I had to sit there and hear them flirt until the hip girl left her number on the back of their recipt. Mr. Waiter was smiling from ear to ear the rest of the night. The guy I wanted to leave my number for got swooped up just like that. 

As we were about to leave my best friend said, "who cares, leave your number anyways!"...this got me thinking. Being the optimistic person I am, I thought of something witty and cute to say, so on the back of my recipt I wrote, "Just in case it doesn't work out with the other girl...(and I left my number)". I thought this was cute and genius! How could he possibly pass this up? If I saw that on the back of my recipt I would be like forget the hip girl, this girl is charming and hilarious! I thought it was the best idea ever.

He never called. But if he didn't think that was hilarious, then I don't want him anyways, right?

Do you have any funny dating stories?

Single Ladies, Think Positive This Valentines Day!

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Feb 13, 2014

Oh Valentines Day...le sigh...the one day of the year where everyone is overly in love with their significant other, while I'm sitting alone on my couch with my cat, and watching reruns of Sex and the City. Every year I try to avoid this day at all costs. Every time I see a girl walking around with flowers and a oversized teddy bear I want to curl up into a ball and cry just a little bit. As you can tell, I'm not a fan of this day at all. Shouldn't you show how much you love someone every day of the year?

But this year I decided that I would try to better my life by thinking positive and not be a negative Nancy when life gets hard. This is why I've made a little list of positive things to think about this Valentines day for all you single people out there...don't worry, we will all get through this day together....

  1. You're not the only single person in the world- I know it's hard to believe, especially on this day, but there are many of us and we will all survive...I promise.
  2. We can sing the 'Single Ladies' song loud and proud today- you know you know that whole dance front to back...
  3. No expectations- Wouldn't you rather be single than be expecting something huge from your Valentine and they only get you a tiny box of candy? 
  4. You have lots of love in your life, even if its not romantic- I have amazing parents who love me more than I know. I have wonderful friends who will always have my back and love all my weirdness....Your life is filled with love. Tell these people how much you love them today. They will appreciate it. 
  5. Valentines Day candy will be on sale February 15- Go splurge. You deserve it. You've lived through another Valentines Day. 

Happy Valentines Day!!

Is a Full House Reunion In The Works?

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Feb 01, 2014

Can you believe it's been almost 20 years since Full House went off the air? I was obsessed with this show as a kid and I remember watching it on TGIF on ABC (does anyone else remember that?). Rumors have been swirling for years that the cast of Full House will be getting back together for a reunion and now we finally have some answers! In a recent interview John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, said, "We're working on something that's sort of reunion-like, not with the full cast. I can't tell you too much but it is sort of a reunion type thing with the girls".  He also went on to say, "The legacy [of the show] is so important… I don’t want anything to mess what we did up. We'll only do it if it’s something that will augment the show and maybe add a little more happiness to what people get out of it."

On the Jimmy Fallon show this week there was a mini reunion with Bob Saget (Danny), John Stamos, and Dave Coulier (Joey)! Take a look!


The trio will also be making an appearence in a commercial during the Super Bowl, so keep your eyes peeled!

Would you watch a Full House Reunion?

10 Ways To Be A Better Person This Year

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Jan 11, 2014

Ok lets get serious, New Years resolutions are very hard to keep. If you're anything like me you have made New Years resolutions that you will keep for about a month and then as soon as February hits you go back to your old ways. This is me every year. You have no idea how many years I've told myself, "I'm gonna do yoga everyday this year" or "I'm gonna eat more fruit everyday" and then about 15 days in I'm over it and grab for the bag of Cheetos. Instead of making these big resolutions that will make you feel bad if you break them, try doing small simple things  to better your life. These are simple and easy things to do that if you keep in mind can make you feel like a more positive person! Give them a shot! 

1. Keep a journal- You don't have to write in it everyday...write in it when your head gets messy with thoughts. At least writing things down makes me feel a lot better! 

2. Be a better listener-Don't talk. Just listen. Sometimes all a friend really needs is someone to hear them out and listen when things get tough. 

3. Keep up with current events- The world is a big place and theres a lot going on, did you know theres more to life out there than what Kim and Kanye named their baby? Theres actually really interesting news stories out there if you look. And this will help with the next tip...

4. Make small talk- Ask a coworker how their weekend was. Ask your waiter what the best thing on the menu is. This is an easy way to make friends and possibly make someones day!  

5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself- I will stop repeating to myself daily, "You are going to die alone with 15 cats"

6. Make small goals for yourself- As I mentioned before, New Years Resolutions are usually pretty big and something you have to keep up with for a whole year. Well, start off small at first and then make your goal bigger as you reach each mark. Today run a quarter of a mile. Next week run half a up to your goal of running a marathon!

7. Listen to your body- If you're tired,sleep. If you're hungry, eat. You only have one body, so make it happy!

8. Make yummy treats for people- I mean come on...who doesn't love home made chocolate chip cookies? Another way to make new friends! 

9. Give yourself some YOU time- With work and school it can be very tough to find some you time during the day. Try to make it a priority to give yourself some you time everyday and do something you love, even if its as simple as giving yourself some time to read the newspaper (or your favorite blog) while you drink your morning coffee. 

10. SMILE MORE- I feel like I have permanent bitch face when I walk around. I don't mean to look so stern and mean I swear! Just smile. Even if something get you down, just smile. 

Try to do these 10 things as often as you can. Maybe, just maybe you will see a positive change in you attitude. Cheers to a positive and happy 2014!

Are you making any changes for the better this year?

My 2013 Adventure Jar

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Dec 31, 2013

2013 has been a crazy/exciting/life changing year for me. My best friend and I wrote down all the awesome things that happened to us in 2013 and put them into a jar. Last night we opened our jars up and read them all outloud as we reminised about the great things 2013 brought us. I can honestly say that 2013 was one of the most life changing years in my 23 years of being on this Earth. 

In our jars we wrote down huge things that happened in our lives, and also stupid little things that everyone should do before they die. Some of the stupid little things I did this year was "make out with a stranger" and "helped bake my first pie". Even though they are silly and stupid, they are little things that helped make 2013 so great. I mean everyone should make out with a stranger at least once, right?

Some of the big things I put in my jar was "graduate from college" and "got my first 40 hour a week big girl job" As someone who hates school, I'm still in awe that I finished school and I have a degree in hand. On top of that I was never unemployed and got a job right after I graduated, which is almost unheard of in this day and age. I'm very greatful for the oppertunity I've been given, and even though 40 hour work weeks kick my butt, I'm greatful to have a job I enjoy. 

This year I also feel like I have grown in many ways. The first being learning to let go of people who don't appreciate me. I've been single for many years now, but have dated many guys looking for Prince Charming. This year I've had a guy who lied to me, and another guy who told me he likes me, but would also like to date other girls as well as date me. In past years I would have clung to them and tried to make it work any way I could. Forgive them when they didn't deserve it and pretty much let them walk all over me. This year I just let them go. I've gain a self confidence I never knew existed. I grew a back bone and stopped letting people walk all over me. I finally learned to take myself out of relationships that I wasn't happy in instead of being unhappy and hoping things would one day magically change for the better. News flash: its not going to get better. If you're not getting what you want out of someone, just leave. It really is better to be single than in a harmful unhappy relationship.

I also grew closer to some friends, and farther away from others. One of my friends got a boyfriend this year and I hardly ever see her. It's sad, but I'm only going to put in as much effort as she puts in, which isn't much. But there is a silver lining to everything and this dying friendship has caused me to become a lot closer to two of my other friends. Its crazy how fast people come and go in your life. 

As I look to 2014 I'm going to continue to look for a great love (but still be happy being single, I don't NEED a man, but sometimes it would be nice to have a cuddle buddy), continue to work hard, and hopefully save up some money. I would like to travel and explore while I'm young and able to. I also hope to blog more, and hopefully make more Vlogs as well. I look forward to reading more blogs from all you Buzzneters (is that a word?) and we can all help each other out in this crazy thing we call life. 

Cheers to a great 2014! 

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